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Hello readers ,

This is Sameera here the owner of the blog. I will be sharing my poetry , quotes and sometimes my views on certain issues. I am not good at writing and this is just a start for me. I hope my words will find a way through your hearts and will inspire your untouched soul.

So beginning with a poetry on shooting stars.

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And then the moon told the shooting star
You little light ball were a sky’s scars
Now that you are falling down
I am the sole opponent of night’s crown.

All things that fall are not scar
Replied the fading fallen star
I have light of my own
And you boast about being alone
Wait my friend for I have conquered the sky
And will relive as a wish in little kid’s eye.

You are too far to be reached
And by my light the wish will lead
Because there is one thing you lack
You only love this sky
While I love myself to the moon and back.

– Sameera



Ishq ♥


I adored you As you stood there

Waiting anxiously

Blushing like always
Your face so innocent

Like an infant

Your eyes so bright

Like a star in the dark night

Your smile so wide

All the nervousness it hide
I could hear your foot steps

Dancing to the tune of heart

I could hear your whispers

Singing the song of an art
You asked me come soon

I did and you just bloom

Held my hand tightly as you will never leave

Inside my soul a new love weave
You told me to wait

As you opened the gate

To the girl of your dream

Inside my heart did scream

For she was the one made for you

A story we both found perfectly true.
And while she stood there completing your heart

It was time for me to depart

For you have found your soul in her

While I lost mine in you.
And as you stood there together

I lost you forever. 

– Sameera 🙂

Intazaar :)


As I wondered how it feels 
Through all the voices your silence speaks.

I sit in my room  watching through the glass

Just want you to come through those swaying green grass.

Lovely wind blow and touch my hands

Why there is such a distance between our lands?

Oh.. These rain drops falling on my palm

Like telling me to wait and let everything calm.

My heart aches , But still awaits

The light vanishes slowly 

The weather degrades making me lonely.

My heart don’t want you to be away

Come back and forever stay.

This is the only hope for my love to arrive soon

I want the drops, the winds, the grass but not today’s moon.

Alas ! The darkness,  my fears are  awake

It’s too late but I still wait. 

I don’t know how I don’t know why

Tears are paining in my eye.

My hope for you to come still shines bright

Like a broken star in the blissful night. 

The rain  stopped , the wind freezed, the grass is sleeping 

But my heart is still aching

Awaiting , awaiting .

– Sameera 🙂

Aks ♡|♡


I have ofter thought that , you, me , we are all simply reflections of our own mirrors.

So when we cross each other’s mirror   

We try to see them as us

We try to find same                   

Forgetting that everyone has their own name                                                            

And that is when reflections deceive us                                                   

Confuse us , Ruin us                                  

We break our mirrors and reflections go away 

We feel good                                                            Not knowing that it took our radiance too. 

– Sameera


Sometimes my mind wanders through the old dusty pages of your memories
All lies there is silence which you couldn’t understand 
And words I could not speak. 

Some pages written with words of love                                                        And some are filled with enrage While others are left blank that we could have filled                                With the start we did                           But we didn’t.